22 November, 2021

27 August, 2016

Schiaparelli Haute Couture as featured in Scala Regia #2

Photographed by Dorothée Murail at Hôtel de Lauzun, Paris,

28 October, 2015

"Young woman going to bed." Jacob van Loo, 1650.

Paul Newman and Barbara Steele at Giovanni Volpi di Misurata’s party. Venice, 1963.

Prince Charles. Tim Graham, 1979.

Madame Jean Serpieri sits in the ballroom of the Tour La Reine near Athens,
wearing a gown which belonged to the wife of Otto, the first king of modern Greece. Slim Aarons, 1961.

Egyptian princess bust. Ca. 1345 BC.

Prince Felix Yusupov. Serov, 1903.

Margarita Teresa of Spain, Holy Roman Empress. Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, 1666.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan while Crown Prince and Crown Princess. 1959.

The Tapestry Room at Osterley Park. England.

Anne Saint-Marie in Chanel. Henry Clarke, 1955.

Marella Agnelli. Richard Avedon, 1953.

12 October, 2015

“There’s only one very good life and that’s 

the life you know you want

and you make it yourself.” 

- Diana Vreeland

Photo by Santi Visalli, 1982.

Alain Delon as Tom Ripley in René Clément’s “Purple Noon”. 1960.

Marie-Hélène Arnaud and Joanna McCormick in Lanvin. Henry Clarke, 1957. 

“Lot and his Daughters”. Francesco Furini, 1630’s. 

Carlota Joaquina of Borbón and Borbón-Parma, Queen of Portugal. Mariano Salvador Maella, 1785. 

Jacqueline de Ribes. Raymundo de Larrain, 1961.

Queen Elizabeth II reviews Vatican troops before her visit to Pope John XXIII. 1961.

07 October, 2015

Margherita Gonzaga, Duchess of Lorraine. Frans Pourbus the Younger, 1606.

"A Regatta on the Grand Canal". Canaletto, 1740's.

Louis Alexandre de Bourbon, Count of Toulouse. Detail.

François de Troy. 1690's.

Philip II, King of Spain. Titian, 1556.

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that 

will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision 

against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace,

the slaves of the ordinary.” 

Cecil Beaton

Photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1946.

Carmen dell'Orefice in Pierre Cardin. Avedon, 1957.

"The Turkish Bath". Detail. Ingres, 1863.

Joris Vekemans. Cornelis de Vos. 1625.

Frederica of Hanover, Queen of the Hellenes. Frank Scherschel, 1952.

03 October, 2015

"Steam Room" for Scala Regia paper magazine.

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Iván de Pineda for Versace. Steven Meisel, 2001.

Charlotte-Marguerite de Montmorency, Princess of Condé. Rubens, 1610.

Romy Schneider. Giancarlo Botti. 1970's.

28 September, 2015

Scala Regia magazine  #1 

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03 January, 2014

The Man with the Golden Helmet by Rembrandt, 1650.