26 September, 2011

Lex Rex

"I'll go through life either first class or third, but never in second."

-  Sir Noël Coward

23 September, 2011

A Look We Like

Maharajah Duleep Singh by Franz Xavier Winterhalter. 1854

Masters and Slaves

The fashion conscious Countess Mona von Bismarck developed a close relationship with the world renowned designer Cristobal Balenciaga that lasted for almost 30 years. It is reported that on one occasion when most of her clothes were destroyed in a railroad accident she ordered 150 dresses from the couturier in one sitting.
In May 1968, during the manifestations and general strike in Paris, when Balenciaga retired, as an act of mourning, Countess Mona von Bismarck shut herself behind closed doors sipping champagne for three days. Finis Mundi.

Après Nous, Le Déluge

"If Venice sinks, the collection should be preserved somewhere in the vicinity of Venice"

- Peggy Gugghenheim

16 September, 2011

Creating the Myth:

"Karl was engaged in the highly effective construction of an image. So that everything about him - his look, his world, his apartment, his background - was calculated to appear larger than life"

- Alicia Drake

03 September, 2011

When The World Was New

 Venice, 1955. Piedita Hohenlohe, Arturo Lopez-Willshaw
 Venice, 1955. "Pimpinela" Hohenlohe, Jacqueline de Ribes
Venice, 1955, Carlos de Beistegui, Jacqueline de Ribes

02 September, 2011

Casual Friday

George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and His Brother Lord Francis Villiers, Anthony van Dyck, 1635

01 September, 2011

Magister Dixit:

"A few times every century, a great beauty is born. I am not one of them.  But what nature skipped, I supplied - so much so that sometimes I cannot remember what is real and what is fake."

- Princess Luciana Pignatelli


Back in the Day

India, 1911. The Delhi Durbar or Court of Delhi. Coronation of King George V as Emperor of India.