30 June, 2011

Lex Rex

"Dressing up. People just don't do it anymore.  
We have to change that."

- John Galliano

Empress of all the Russias

Air de la Folie

If it ain't Baroque, Don't Fix it!

The word baroque is derived from the Portuguese word "barroco" and refers to a "rough or imperfect pearl". Like most periodic or stylistic designations, was invented by later critics rather than practitioners of the arts in the 17th and early 18th centuries. It is a French transliteration of the Portuguese phrase "pérola barroca", which means "irregular pearl", and natural pearls that deviate from the usual, regular forms so they do not have an axis of rotation are known as "baroque pearls".

21 June, 2011


Lex Rex

"If I feel really low, I go to see Philip, cover my face [with his hats] and feel fantastic... Wearing a hat is like cosmetic surgery."

- Isabella Blow

17 June, 2011

Why Don't You?

A Portuguese masterpiece of the fifteenth century, the Panels of Sao Vicente de Fora is a work composed in six panels by the Portuguese painter Nuno Gonçalves. With a powerfully realistic style, the artist portrayed prominent figures of the Portuguese court, crossing the whole society from nobility to clergy, and to the people.


Magister Dixit:

"In Italy, the Milanese are well organized but follow bourgeois taste. They adhere to certain codes of elegance, but not to individualism. The Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry."

- Christian Lacroix

12 June, 2011

Strike a Pose

Green With Envy

 Emerald and diamond tiara formerly in the collection of Princess Katharina Henckel Von Donnersmarck. Possibly from Chaumet

Colla Più Ricca Pompa

 The wedding of Napoleon I and Marie Louise of Habsburg-Lorraine, Georges Rouget, 1810.

Strike a Pose

La Vie en Rose

"Life gets better after thirty. Then it gets fantastically beautiful. Guilt gets lost in time. I always thought it was my american mother who transmitted guilt to me; one reason I adored my husband’s (italian) family is that they have this great feeling that life is there to be enjoyed, not just as an axis of duty and of expiation. But, after thirty, the guilt begins to go."

- Marella Agnelli

11 June, 2011

Turris Eburnea

Directed by Diogo Mayo and Kieran Partise
Photography - Pedro Pacheco
Make up and hair - Joana Bellucci
Models - Nuno and Rudolfo Sousa
Photography Assistant - Maria Rita and Dumitro Tira