31 March, 2011

Quo Vadis?

The More Stylish the Better

Strike a Pose

Masters and Slaves

Chez Amaro

1972 Surrealiste Ball

The Dîner des Têtes Surréalistes reversed writing invitation after a Magritte sky Château de Ferrières. For the evening the château was floodlit with moving orange lights to give the impression that it was on fire. Le Baron et la Baronne Guy de RothschildPortuguese guests: Senhora Espírito Santo and the Duke and Duchess of Cadaval Charles de Croisset, Marisa Berenson, Paul-Louis Weiller Salvador Dalí and the italian princess Maria Gabriella de Savoia Audrey Hepburn Baron Alexis de Redé The two headed Baroness Thyssen-Bornemizza and Guy Baguenault de Puchesse Jacqueline Delubac Claude Lebon and Charlotte Aillaud Hugues Gall and Mrs. Rolf Libermann The Menu Table of the genius rhinoceros Table of the metaphysical perspectives Table of the insane shoes Table of the tenderized turtles Table of the swaying dolls Detail of a table with a fur dish, Mae West red lips and a blue bread A sugar made woman laying in a bed of roses desert


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La Grande Odalisque

28 March, 2011


"Celebrities almost never look good unless they are ‘out’ at something or other, while real fashion animals always look a little interesting, even if they are only going to Starbucks. Individuality will always exist, it’s more that it has become very underground and doesn’t infiltrate the mainstream as much as it should, so you have to search it out, which is getting more difficult, but also more rewarding."

-Daphne Guinness