10 May, 2011

The Last Queen of Rome

Princess Pallavicini with her daughter Maria Camilla at their roman palace in the early 50's

"Heroine of the resistance, leader of the most traditional roman aristocracy, princess Pallavicini was the uncrowned queen of Rome. A few years ago, when princess Marina ( claimant queen of Italy ) organized a charity dinner - for pay - at Bracciano castle, princess Pallavicini retorted by giving, in the same day and for free, the greatest ball ever held in her familial estate. During a whole night, under the glance of Titian, Poussin, Velasquez, Ribeira, Tintoretto and Botticelli, italian aristocracy and twenty two ambassadors in charge in Rome danced in the overloaded gilded rooms of the palace. A response full of panache that only the "Black Princess" would dare."

- Vincent Meylan