06 January, 2010

A Very Big Boy

Daniel Lambert (March 13, 1770 – June 21, 1809) was a man from Leicester in England, who became famous for his obesity. By 1793 he weighed 203 kg and height 180cm , and in 1804 his weight had reached 311 kg. In 1806, he commissioned a special carriage to take him to London, and charged one shilling (£0.05) a head to look at him. Lambert toured several English cities during the next few years, despite disliking the attention — the cost of having clothes and furniture specially made for him meant that he needed the money. He died suddenly during a visit to Stamford for the races in 1809. The wall of the public house in which he was staying had to be dismantled to remove his body. His weight at the time of his death was 335 kg and his waist measurement was 280 cm.
He is buried in St Martin's Church, Stamford.
At the time it was thought that he was the fattest man in the country, and possibly beyond.
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