25 August, 2009

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"My rooms tend to be under-lit, because I favour candles. I have a console table which is lit from underneath. I like red as a colour for rooms, because it shows the skin well, and makes people feel happy. I like tables with a lot of bibelots on them. and confortable chairs for people to sit on. I enjoy moving things around, placing a plant here, a book there. I look carefully, studying exactly the right place for an object. It is one of my skills and one of my pleasures"
by Alexis von Rosenberg, Baron de Redé

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23 August, 2009

20 August, 2009

Interview Nº4 - The Duke of Feria

A step from being cool, Rafael de Medina y Abascal, Grandee of Spain and 20th Duke of Feria, is for sure one of the most stylish men in the World. Son of Nati Abascal, Valentino's muse and former model, fashion runs in his blood as nowhere else. In 2006 his extraordinary taste and vision had compelled him to create what seems the start of a true fashion empire - Scalpers, the hit store for the dandies and Gente Guapa of all Spain.

Rafael accepted the invitation of Scala Regia and beside talking about fashion and style, we spoke of the importance of his family 500 years old title in is life.
This is an exclusive interview to this blog, enjoy:

A very stylish family: Nati Abascal with sons Rafael and Luis
Where do you live, Rafael?
Madrid, Spain.

Would you like to live in any other place?
As of today no, maybe in the future yes.

What can you tell about your personality?I am a very practical person, don´t like to waste time.

Tell me about your professional occupations.I am Co-Founder of SCALPERS, a men's fashion brand. I take care of production, marketing, and B2B area.
The Duke of Feria with his mother Nati Abascal
How, as you can remember, started your interest on fashion?
Since I was little I was always surrounded by fashion on my daily life because of my parents relationship with it.

Have Nati Abascal, your mother influenced your relation with fashion?
Yes, she worked as a model for 15 years in NY, later in file she became a very important fashion stylist in Spain, nowadays she is a well respected fashion stylist world wide.
How did Scalpers born?
We started as a small atelier selling our own ties and made to measure shirts and suits to lawyers, bankers, high executives, etc., three years ago. Then we started our first prêt-a-porter collection. At the end of this year we will probably open three more stores to the four that already exist in Spain.

Can you describe your personal style?I am a very classic person. However, because I was educated in with an anglosaxon education I also like to combine a more relax American way to dress up for the weekend.

Rafael and Luis Abascal
Who are nowadays the most stylish personalities in the world?
Mr. Ralph Lauren, Mr. Oscar de la Renta, Lapo Elkan.

What is Chic?
Something that you were because is part of your personal life style, not because you try to impress other people.

What is not?
Trying to impress other people.

Formal attire or jeans and t-shirt?
Every occasion has it's needs as far as what to wear depending upon what you do for a living. The weekend is a different story.

What importance do you attribute to fashion?
Fashion is a very important concept for society today. For example, Abercrombie & Fitch has made in the last 10 years that grown up women and men feel like when they were back in university… Michael Jackson is remember besides for being an outstanding musician but also as a fashion icon.

Who are your favorite designers?For a more classic suit designer I would choose Cesare Atolini. For the weekend Scalpers.

Besides Scalpers which are your favourite shops?
J Crew, Tom Ford, YSL, Sartorio, Italia Independent, Berlutti

What is your greatest extravagance?
Pasta with Caviar
What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I am a very impatient person.

How do you look at your future?Well I hope that the economic situation worldwide will get better within the next years.
What responsability do you feel as Duke of Feria and a Grande of Spain?

It´s a pride that I inherited from my dad a title that has being in my family for over 500 years. Titles in Spain besides the King, Prince and the Infantas have no official obligations.Are you a nice person to deal with?I am Very easy going.

What is your motto?
Treat others how you want to be treated.

Diogo Mayo, Scala Regia, 2009