31 July, 2009

Alexis on Yves:

"Yves Saint Laurent is an extraordinary man. He has been so successful and has made so much money, and yet he takes so little pleasure in life. He has so many houses, but whenever he goes to one house he gets bored and drives to another (...) He is very cultivated and has great taste, and, due to his great wealth, he is able to acquire anything he wants"
by Alexis von Rosenberg, Baron de Redé

Air de la Folie

Studs and Spikes

Royaume Sauvage

L'Uomo Chic

Home Sweet Home

High Profile

Made in Portugal:

29 July, 2009




...Don't Get Mad...
Benoît Missolin Bunny Headband
110 €
... Get Everything!
Harry Winston Earrings
78 015 €
Balmain Smoking Jacket
1 890 €
Swarovski Gloves
595 €
Alexander McQueen Clutch
850 €
Fendi Leather Skinny Pants
1210 € Giuseppe Zanotti Low-boots
690 €


Mad... Onna

Strike a Pose

A Very Stylish Girl

"Plaid is Over!"


Golden Cage

Edgar Does Not Support Peta!

Memento Mori

Quo Vadis?

The More Sylish the Better

So...Get Stylish...

...Or please Die Trying!

Régnez Plaisirs et Jeux

Book Nº 78


... Are The Girls Best Friends!

Gossip Girl