13 December, 2009

Casati: The Remains of The Days

"Through the number of masquerade ball thrown and paintings commissioned seemed inexhaustible, Luisa's fortunes were not. To her, the idea of "economizing" was not only tasteless, but also utterly meaningless. Even so, the disastrous aftershocks of the Cagliostro Ball were far-reaching. For the next half-decade, Luisa's Accountants battled with the many vendors still unpaid for their services, while forbidding her to make any further purchases without their consent. When the direness of the situation could no longer be ignored, she began to quietly sell off several items of special significance at a fraction of their actual worth. Polish chanteuse Ganna Walska acquired all the artifacts relating to the Comtesse de Castiglione. The 1908 Boldini portrait became part of the Rothschild family's private art collection. One of the Rockefeller clan bought the egyptian statue. A lemon-yellow Hispano-Suiza, formerly used to speedy jaunts between Le Vésinet and Paris, was quickly translated into cash. And couturière Coco Chanel purchased the bronze deer mascots for any further travels with them seemed highly unlikely"