09 May, 2009

Interview Nº3 - Lynn Yaeger

Vein is one of the first words that occurs to me when thinking about Lynn Yaeger. Her modus operandi with respect to fashion is unique: flamboyant red hair cut à la garçonne, powdered face, dark lipstick and impeccable attire, furs and jewels. Columnist, fashion writer to the New York Newspaper, The Village Voice, Vogue and Travel and Leisure Magazine, Lynn is certainly a very stylish girl.
Between arriving from Paris and departing for another trip Lynn had time to answer to Scala Regia's questions.
Check her exclusive interview:
Have you ever been to Portugal?
No, alas not yet...
What are the places you like travel to?
I'm a very urban, Western Europe girl -I love all the great cities -Rome, Paris, London...
In a magazine's page - Milan
You have a very individual style of your own. How do you coordinate your image?

I spend a lot of time looking at old magazines and standing in front of the mirror.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Antique jewelry
What is your pièce de résistance?

My gigantic Edwardian silver "Baby" brooch, since my nickname is Baby Lynnie
Tell me about your famous Goyard bag

It was painted for me for a guy who works in the accessories department of a high fashion house. I tried to get Goyard to do it, but they told me to get lost.
Who are your dead style icons?

Louise Brooks, Isabella Blow
Louise Brooks
And the living ones?

Anna Piaggi
Anna Piaggi

What is your idea of great lifestyle?

Doing exactly as you please and answering to no one!

What is your most treasured possession?

My wardrobe, especially my ratty russian sable coat.
What is Chic?

Really believing in yourself and push the limits

What is not?

Thinking "I'm too old, or I'm too fat, etc."

How to be Posh?

Don't spend a lot of money !

Tell me about your occupations?

What I like best is to get paid for writing about myself!And your favourite leisure hobbies?

I like collect very abused dolls and toys from the late 19th and early 20th century .

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
Spending the day prowling around flea markets in a foreign city, then going back to a fancy hotel.

Who are your favorite characters in history and why?

I like left-wing warrior types.

The quality you most appreciate in a man?

Sense of humor!

The quality you most appreciate in a woman?

I actually like a sort of benign bitchiness.

Who are your favourite designers?

Comme des Garçons, Marni, Isabel Toledo

Isabel Toledo

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Please don't make me... How would you like to die?

Me?.. die??

Diogo Mayo, Scala Regia, 2009