03 April, 2009

Interview Nº2 - Peter Davis

In It's 2nd interview, Scala Regia talked with Peter Davis. Peter lives and works in NY writing for several publications. He is a party boy and he is a figure of New York's gente guapa.

Besides his allure and chic attitude, Peter is a super cool guy with lots of panache. While he defines himself as "restless and always hungry for the next new thing!", I consider that his attitude towards life makes him a trend setter and a true style dealer.

Style is what we need so, enjoy Peter's exclusive interview. I like Peter, you will love him!
I know your grandmother has a house in Estoril, near Lisbon. That's cool. What is your family's relation to Portugal?

My Grandmother bought a house in Estoril because it reminded her of Southampton, New York where she had a country house for all her life.

Having a house here how can you explain the fact that you've never been to Portugal? I think that's unforgivable!
Peter in Spain with Carolina Herrera Jr.

The closest I came to Portugal was the wedding of Carolina Herrera Jr. and Miguel Baez, in Casares, Spain. If I had known how close Portugal was, I would have driven there after. I am craving to visit Lisbon and the whole country! I hear Portugal is amazing. I plan to go this summer!

Where are your favourite travel destinations?



Tokyo is my favorite city for a vacation. I'm a shopaholic and the national sport in Japan is shopping and collecting. The only problem is that I have a size 11 foot and I'm 6'1 so nothing fits me. It's so frustrating. I also love anyplace where I can surf - the North Shore of Oahu, Bali, Baja, Mexico and my second home, Los Angeles.

If you didn't live in New York where would you like to live?
London. I'm mostly British and Scottish (and 1/4 Italian). Brit guys are the best dressed on the planet from bespoke suited bankers to street style. The English have amazing tabloids too. Heat is my favorite one. They devoted a whole issue to what celebrities had "spots" (pimples).

What cultural references from other countries have you incorporated into your lifestyle?
In a Timothy Everest Suit

Definitely British - from Punk and Mod to my tailor: Timothy Everest, who is my style Zen master. I love Japanese stuff, like Comme des Garçons wallets and their polos for Fred Perry. Rei Kawakuba is a visionary.

What is lifestyle?

Annelise Peterson

With Mickey Boarman and Carla Fendi

To me, it's living stylishly. I don't even like to look at ugly toothpaste tubes or laundry detergent bottles. I put those things in clear plastic containers from Muji or buy things that you can rip the label off of. I try to make everything I have around me as clean, simple and beautiful as possible.

I was wondering, fashion's history has thousands of years. how would you explain how the contemporary male wardrobe is almost exclusively based on previous references from the last 150 years?

I wish men's fashion was more futuristic, like the Balenciaga gold C3-PO women's look, but men just look silly dressed as robots.

How do you describe your style?

With Tinsley Mortimer

Preppy roots with a shot of punk rock rebel. I have a basic uniform which often involves a black tie jacket. I wear black tie jackets to the deli or the movies. It's always better to be overdressed as you never know where you might end up.

What are you addicted to?

Too many things! Help! Shopping, Ice Blendeds from the Coffee Bean, Vans slip-on sneakers, bubble gum balls, art (Andy Warhol, Neckface, Konstantin Kakanias, my friend Tom Sachs, Edward Gorey), photographs (Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Terry Richardson, Leonard Freed, William Klein), books, vintage Rolex watches, sushi (the best is Sasubene in NYC and LA), sunglasses, Leica cameras, magazines.

Konstantin Kakanias

Terry Richardson

Tom Sachs

I could go on forever. Thankfully, I'm not addicted to television. I was as a young child.

What are your Shopping criterias?

With Nina Garcia

Jackie Astier

I can shop anywhere from Bergdorf Goodman to the local hardware store. The only thing I dislike is sales. Why do I want to buy something that I probably didn't like the first time I saw it?

What is your pièce de résistance?

Jackie Astier

My Leica camera.

Über chic or Glamourous?
Tinsley Mortimer

With Walter S. Tomenson III

Friends John Whitledge and Mickey Boardman

Über chic. Glamorous is a term I reserve for girls.

Who are your dead style icons?

Fred Hughes

The Duke of Windsor

Fred Hughes, who ran the Warhol Factory. Sid Vicious. The Duke of Windsor. Diana Vreeland.

And the living ones?

Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse

Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Peter and his sister Minnie Mortimer

Pete Doherty. Amy Winehouse. Mark Ronson. Ruben and Isabel Toledo (the epitome of a chic couple), future fashion star Logan Scott and my sister Minnie Mortimer, who is a great, young womenswear designer.

What is Chic?

Kelly Klein

Erin fetherston

Chic is looking elegant without trying. The model Erin Wasson is chic. The Chateau Marmont is chic. Hermès diaries are chic.

What is not?

All kind of prejudice or snobbery. And everything designed by Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy clothes. They must be stopped as fast as possible. Madonna, who normally has some taste, is doing a line with them which I find truly horrifying.

How to be Posh?
Tori Spelling

Eneas Capalbo

Be yourself 24/7 and make sure to look fabulous doing it. And have good manners.

Tell me about your occupations?

I am Editor at Large at Paper Magazine and I've published articles in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue and others. I blog now daily for papermag.com. The blog is called Peter Davis' Status Update. I resisted blogging for years and that was silly because it's awesome. I report about whoever, whatever and whenever I want. I'm also working on a novel, about a talented Mrs. Ripley type who turns Manhattan society on it's read end. I have the best literary agent on the planet, Lynn Nesbit, of Janklow & Nesbit. And on the side I'm starting a swimsuit company with my best friend, the photographer Thomas Whiteside. Watch out Villebrequin - your days are numbered!

And your favourite leisure hobbies?

Surfing, Shopping, Sex.

How is your Routine?

I never follow a routine. I'm often late. I loathe being told what to do. That's what helped get me kicked out of boarding school. I'm restless, always hungry for the next new thing. That said, every morning, without fail, I drink a cappucino, read The New York Times and The New York Post.

I know that you are an aesthete. Can you describe your dream world to me?

Leven Rambin

I wish people cared more about visuals, from the design of buildings to cars to shampoo bottles. There is an overabundance of bad design on the planet and in my dreamiest world, everything would look beautiful!

Who are your favorite characters in history?

Marie Antoinette, especially the Sofia Coppola version, stuffing herself with sweets and buying evening dresses in bulk. The Duke of Windsor, because he proved that love conquers all and was beautifully dressed around the clock.

What is your favourite historical age?

The time of Louis XV because eating sweets and getting dressed up were considered important activities.

The quality you most appreciate in a man?


The quality you most appreciate in a woman?


Who are your favourite designers?

My tailor in London, Timothy Everest, Michael Bastian for blazers and black tie jackets (I'm obsessed!), John Lobb shoes, Vans slip-on sneakers and many things made by Martin Margiela.

What is your idea of a "à la mode" world?

Dabney Mercer, Leven Rambin, Fabian Basabe

I don't want to sTamanho do tipo de letraound conceited, but my world is pretty à la mode. My job plugs me into so many awesome things. I'm so lucky. Wherever I travel, I can find the chicest scene pretty fast. I have a good chic-detector.

How would you like to die?

In my sleep, painlessly.

What is your present state of mind? Determined.

What is your motto?

Legalize Gay!

Diogo Mayo, Scala Regia, 2009