23 March, 2009

Interview Nº1 - Mickey Boardman

Mickey Boardman is amusing, cultured, deeply aesthete, super friendly… and CRAZY! He congregates ( or aggregates ;) ) everything this blog admires and appreciates. His style has been described as "alcoholic housewife,"and he is certainly a flashy guy. Besides being Paper Magazine's most famous columnist and a VH1's "The Fabulous Life Of" observer , Mickey is a globe trotter, a party boy, and a "monarchist freak". He loves what he does and we love him!

Mickey is all about Good vibes!

This is his EXCLUSIVE interview to Scala Regia:

Mickey with Mike Nouveau and Jennifer Sample

You told me that you have been to Portugal sometime ago. Where have you been? Did you like?

I've been to Lisbon three or four times, Sintra, Porto and Braga. When I first went to Lisbon in 1986 I was only interested in the beach and spent every day at Cascais and then going out at night. When I went back 10 years ago I was much more interested in the historical beauty of Lisbon and went to Queluz and museums.

I love anything royal and still need to see Mafra and Ajuda. And who can resist the sexy dark-haired men of Portugal? We went to a funny drag club that was downstairs somewhere with queens in Brazilian carnival looks including headdresses. I can't remember if it was fun but I recall a gay place called Agua No Bico.
Sintra I die for because it's so picturesque and Palacio da Pena is part fairy tale castle part cartoon craziness. I love it.

Pena Palace

I spent 10 days including New Year's Eve in Porto 7 or 8 years ago (I'm terrible with remembering time) and thought it was one of the most amazing places I've ever been.


I love a town on a river and the Douro is pretty major. The bridges, the medieval part of the town where you wander down steps and the doorways are tiny tiny tiny because the people were so short. I love it and can't wait to go back.

If you didn't live in New York where would you like to live?

Rome or Mumbai are the two places that I'm really in love with. Rome has everything- the history, the gorgeous people, the food (I'm a vegetarian and Italian and Indian are my favorite cuisines), the fashion, the glamour. The only thing I don't like about Rome is the gays are very closeted and it's not really a place for eccentric types like me. But I love it.
Mumbai has the energy of New York and Hollywood together and I really love all things Indian. The men! Gorgeous!! I've never been anyplace that's better for vegetarians and animal lovers (I wear no animal products, no fur, no leather etc). Yes Mumbai is crazy and a chaotic but the people are amazing and the city just works. It feels like the future much more than Beijing.
I could also live in LA, Paris, St Petersburg, Seville or Istanbul. I love how Turkey straddles Europe and the muslim world. Riding across Galata Bridge with the Suleyman Mosque in front of you at sunset is unbelievable. And they understand hospitality!!!

City or Country?

I'm all about the city. I like to visit the country but I'd much rather be around the energy of the city. Even if I'm just relaxing alone at home. I like to know everything is just outside the door.
With Aimee Phillips

Going Drunk with Drew Elliott and Petey Pig

At a Marc Jacob's Party

What are your favourite places around the world?

Well I mentioned a lot of them in my "where-I-would-like-to-live-question" but some other favorites include:
Chicago. I was born there and it's really the best city in America in terms of architecture, design and public art. The people are so great and it has everything you want in a big city but with none of the attitude!
Sicily. I spent 10 days just driving around Sicily with a friend and fell in love with it. The ruins are the best I've ever seen. The food is orgasmic. We were driving to Piazza Armerina down a dirt road and ended up in the middle of a herd of sheep with the sexiest shepherd I've ever seen. It was like a scene from a beautiful movie. If only the shepherd had fallen in love with me!! Also Palermo and Catania are filled with faded grandeur which is really my favorite favorite look. I'm not so into something that's pristinely restored. I like it a little worn around the edges. Noto is pretty special too.
St Petersburg. Soooo beautiful and such a paradise for a monarchist freak like me. I went on a Nicholas and Alexandra tour there and visited archives and palaces that aren't open to the public. Hello!!! The Vladimir Palace. That's glamour!!!
I also love a house museum anyplace. Some rich old nut and art collector who's house is preserved as it was when the owner was alive. The house of the Condesa de Lebrija in Seville, Palazzo Mirto in Palermo, the Nissim de Camondo in Paris. The Frick in New York.
Nissim de Camondo Museum, Paris

The Frick Collection, New York

What is your dream of happiness?

My dream of happiness is to travel from place to place with people I love meeting people I love as well as new people who inspire me.
with Peter Davis
Talking with Lynn Yaeger and Lauren Ezersky
With Lynn Yaeger
I'm never more inspired or excited about getting to work as when I come back from an amazing trip filled with interesting new sites and creative people (not to mention cute boys).

How would it be your perfect, fetish world?

I think for me it would be a very very old-fashioned luxury hotel for old ladies. Not new boutique chic. More old lady. The St Regis in NY. The Excelsior in Naples. The Inghilterra in Rome. The Taj Mahal in Mumbai. That's luxury to me. You can pick up the phone and ask them for something and they bring it to you. It's heaven.Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?

Most of the ficitional characters that I find fascinating are women who are either sexually reckless or believed unfairly to be sluts. The lead characters in House of Mirth, My Antonia, Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina. I'm very attracted to women who are shunned by society. What could that mean??

Who are your favorite characters in history?

Queen Marie of Romania. Ooh that's also one of my favorite places because it feels like you're going back in time and it doesn't feel like every other place in the world.
Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania
But Marie - she was a gorgeous glamour girl but when her country needed her she found a heroine within and became the true leader of her people. I love that seeming contradiction.

What is your favourite historical age and why?

To live from the 1880s to the 1970s would have been pretty crazy. Look at the differences in those times. From horse and buggy to rocket ship. From reading a book by candle light to radio, film and tv. From women being corseted and right-less to being almost equal to men. There is also something about the 1960s that I just love visually. The clothes, the hair, makeup and home decorating. I love the look of a sort of hip matron of that time. Someone more establishment that adapts the hip trends of the time. It's a fun mix.

Who would you liked to have been?

Hmmm. That's a hard one. There isn't anyone one person I'd really like to be!

Nick Haramis

Your most marked trace?

I like everything to be fun.

The quality you most appreciate in a man?

The quality I love in a man is him being attracted to me.

The quality you most appreciate in a woman?

Enthusiasm and glamour.

What are your favorite occupations?

Occupations like jobs? haha. Housewife. Florist- I can't do it but I love flowers. Anyone who helps people.

How do you think fashion should be?

With Azzedine Alaïa...

... and Andre Leon Talley

Fashion should always be fun and make you feel fabulous. Why wear something you don't think is exciting? It's not about money it's about feeling gorgeous.

What are your favourite designers?

Missoni, Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Rodarte, Threeasfour. Anything with sparkle.

Black tie or smart jeans?

Black tie with a sequined vest.

What is your idea of a "à la mode" world?
I think your life should be considered from a style perspective in every way. I think it's more fun that way.

Who are your dead fashion icons?

Diana Vreeland, Isabella Blow- she was really a unique piece of work.
Isabella Blow

And the living ones?

I always love how Diane Keaton looks. Tilda Swinton, Björk, Chloë Sevigny, Carine Roitfeld.

Vreeland or Wintour?

Diana Vreeland

Vreeland. I'm all about a fabulous freak and when you really get down to it Anna's look and vibe is well-dressed rich lady. Gimme Carine Roitfeld any day!

What is chic?

Chic is confidence in yourself. Wearing what you really love regardless of what you the trends are. Chic is being nice not cunty.

How to be posh?

Nothing is more posh than indulging in your favorite luxury. I love taking dirty clothes on a trip and having them all dry-cleaned or laundered at the hotel. It feels soooo luxurious to come back to a room with all your clean clothes waiting.

How would you like to die?

With all my paperwork in order so no one had to deal with any mess. And with a gorgeous memorial service with everyone in chic black black black and lots of jewels.

What is your present state of mind?

Content with a splash of nervousness over the current economic climate and how it's affected many of my friends and colleagues.

What is your motto?

Sometimes I wish I was someone else just so I could be friends with me.

Laird Borrelli, Nadine Johnson and Peter Davis With Mr. Greenberg
With Friends Rasmus Michau and Jacob Brown

Diogo Mayo, Scala Regia, 2009